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Whilst everyone knows tax is a charge levied by HMRC on income earned which is liable to be taxed in the UK, filing your taxes and staying on top of deadlines can be complicated. Whatever your tax status, from needing assistance filing your personal tax return to paying corporation tax on your Limted company’s profits, at Horizon we can provide personalised planning in relation to all tax-related matters and help you to make sure you’ll always have the cash flow to pay HMRC on time.

Whether you are a business owner, property owner, entrepreneur, self-employed person, or company director we have the expertise you need. By ensuring every client is partnered with a personal tax accountant, we also make sure our approach is personal and tailored to your individual needs ensuring you are able to tax efficiently protect your wealth.

We can help you with all tax-related matters, including:

  • Tax planning
  • Completion and submission of tax returns
  • Detailed reviews of current or pre-tax returns
  • Valuations for tax purposes
  • Minimizing Penalties
  • Reductions in personal tax

So whether you are looking for simple assistance with filing a corporation tax return, are worried about cash flow issues in relation to the corporation tax return deadline, or are seeking to stay on top of changing legislation so you can make the most corporate tax rates and breaks, our tax experts will be able to help

  • Income Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Tax Investigations
  • VAT
  • CIS
  • MGD
  • Personal & Company tax returns
  • Vat compliance including Making Tax Digital
  • Dealing with Tax Enquires & Investigations
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